A computer generated image in a 'clay' style of 3 people studying together, sat at a white table

A web-dev focused study space in Wellington, Aotearoa

Community-run & non-profit, with a focus on being neurodivergent friendly

Located on Tory St in Te Aro, Wellington, Aotearoa 🇳🇿


No equipment? No problem. You’re welcome to bring your own laptop, but if that’s not an option we have computers for you to use. Just bring yourself and a healthy dose of curiosity.


Self-studying from home can prove difficult for even the most focused of us. Having a quiet place to study from goes a long way, especially if it’s not your home environment.


Learning is tough. Learning development can be, at times, really tough. Things like imposter-syndrome are common & hard to work through alone—now you don’t have to.


What's this all about?

Higher education (university/college, bootcamps) is a great pathway for many folks to end up in fulfilling careers in tech.

For some people, however, it’s not always a clear and immediate option.

We think there’s a missing step for folks who either can’t afford to study, lack the confidence, or who are neurodivergent.

It’s our goal to change that.


What we’re doing

We've opened a study-space in Te Aro, Wellington, to create a place for folks to be able to study, be a part of a community, and ultimately, set out on their own path towards a career in tech.


Membership fee

We want the space to be sustainable but also financially accessible. Membership is free of any contracts or obligations.




As a member of the space, you’ll have access to it and the computer equipment whenever we’re open: Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 7pm.




If you can’t afford to pay for membership at the moment, but want a place to study, we’ll do our best to accommodate you—just apply below and let us know when we reach out.


Join the space

If you'd like to start studying from the space, simply fill out the form below and we'll reach out ASAP.



These generous folks and organisations have contributed towards the cost of setting up and getting Aroreretini running. Thank you for your support 💖


  • whitep4nth3r


  • AkiraLaine


  • Smellsworth


  • mono_nz


  • Greg Gilbert


  • creepio


  • atunasashimi


  • crettbollins


  • ManniMoki


  • NobreHD


  • Scott Green


  • Leon


  • Kroucher


  • Premiare


  • StoutFella


  • bibii01_exe


  • dnbull


  • KodBilen


  • Paulina


  • Anonmous


Organisations & Companies

Would you like to contribute on behalf of a organisation or company?

Fire us a line: hello@aroreretini.community


Get in touch

Have an idea, request, question or anything else?
Fire us a line: hello@aroreretini.community